truffles and oak trees Finland
Penttilä oak trees - Kangasniemi, Finland
these are the more than three hundred year old oak trees of Penttilä
Truffles have a long history in Finland. But only recently have they been discovered. In 2006 an experiment to pruduce truffles in FInland has been started in Juva; in 2008 Kangasniemi will join the experiment. We (Penttilä Estate in Kangasniemi) have joined the experiment and, if all goes well, we should be able to produce truffles after 2010.

the white truffle

"The true truffles are a group of several valuable and highly sought-after edible species of underground ascomycetes belonging to the fungal genus Tuber. All are ectomycorrhizal and are therefore found in close association with trees.

The ascoma (fruiting body) of truffles is highly prized as food. It has a smell similar to deep-fried sunflower seeds or walnuts, though not all people are able to catch the odor of this fungus. The water after soaking truffles can taste a bit like soy sauce. Brillat-Savarin called the truffle "the diamond of the kitchen" and praised its aphrodisiacal powers. While the aphrodisiacal characteristics of truffles have not been established, it is still held in high esteem in French, northern Italian and Istrian cooking, and in international haute cuisine.

The origin of the word truffle appears to lie in the Latin term tuber, meaning "lump", which early on became tufer- and gave rise to the various European terms: French Truffe, Spanish Trufa, German Trüffel, and Dutch Truffel. Interestingly the Italian tartufo and Piedmontese tartifla suggest an affinity with the German Kartoffel "potato".[1]"

from Wikipedia

"The first truffle orchards in Finland have been established in 2006 in Juva, Rantasalmi and Mikkeli. Research on these topics is time consuming and difficult, but is the only way to improve truffle cultivation."


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